Thirty Reasons to Never Give Up

Thirty Reasons to Never Give Up

Short stories for when life looks nothing like you thought it was going to look

Shian Klassen


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Faced with giving up? Over the next thirty days, Pastor Shian Klassen will take you through a journey of his life, his losses and love with easy to read down to earth personal stories guaranteed to touch your heart. Faced with insurmountable circumstances from childhood through adulthood, you will see that you are not alone in life’s struggles. This must-read is guaranteed to inspire and renew hope reminding us that no matter how long the journey, or how big the obstacle ahead, never give up.

What if giving up appears easier than going on? This book is designed to inspire the faint of heart the true value found in oneself with going forward. From stories of hair-raising canoe expeditions, the painful loss of loved ones, to being faced with life altering situations, author and pastor Shian Klassen describes in detail his struggle and God-given courage enabling him to never give up. If life hasn’t turned out the way you planned, then you’re not alone! Let each story, combined with thirty scriptures, encourage you every day to stay the course until you cannot afford to give up. Never give up.



Shian Klassen:

Pastor Shian Klassen lives in Hillsboro Oregon with his wife, Andria. Together they oversee Your Church +Hillsboro, the first in a network of home churches across the Northwest. With over thirty years of ministry experience, Pastor Shian is best known for his humorous storytelling and real-life applications of the Bible.