Joining Jesus on the Way

Joining Jesus on the Way

Discipleship in the 21st Century

Phil Mayo


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What does it mean to ‘take up your cross daily’? “Sell your possessions and give to the poor”--really!? “Deny yourself,” Jesus says. How does all of this fit together in a world two thousand years removed?

Joining Jesus on the Way, takes a look at the discipleship teachings of Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Luke. Luke’s unique emphasis on discipleship has long been recognized among the Gospel traditions. One might even call Luke’s Gospel a discipleship manual. In Luke, Jesus prepares his disciples for the power packed ministry they will live out in Luke’s second volume, Acts.

Jesus teaches his disciples about self-denial, obedience to his commands, proper attitude toward possessions, faith and prayer, and, after his resurrection, promises them the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to continue the ministry he began.

Most of Jesus’ discipleship teachings are found in the “travel narrative” portion of the Gospel of Luke. In these ten chapters, Jesus is traveling up to Jerusalem and his ultimate destiny, the cross. This is a journey on which Jesus invites all would-be disciples to join him. On the way, we learn what it means to be true followers of Jesus. The ultimate goal of the journey is the cross, which every disciple must bear, but the journey does not end here. Death to self means resurrection to new life in Christ.

Two thousand years later, Jesus is still calling his followers to join him on the way, but we don’t always know how to answer that call. It’s not necessarily our fault, as we seem to hear very little these days about true discipleship. Some are answering the call but don’t know what to do next. Their pursuit of Jesus is avid, but they need someone to help them along the way. This book is written to be that help.

In Joining Jesus on the Way, Mayo considers the implications of Jesus’ discipleship teachings for would-be disciples both then and now. This book is written to challenge 21st century believers to deepen their walk with Jesus, and to choose to take up that proverbial cross and follow him daily.


Phil Mayo:

Phil, thirty years an ordained minister, has a Ph.D. in Theology and 15 years as a university professor. His passion is biblical exposition and preparing church leaders. He has traveled extensively, taught internationally, and served as a church leader in the US and Europe. He is an award-winning academic author that desires to use biblical scholarship to serve the broader faith community. He and his wife currently live in Minnesota and have one married son.