His Plan

His Plan

21st Mission Method

Cindy Liu


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God's plan is far better than ours. God is not seeking a perfect man to carry out His work otherwise no one would qualify. It is God who unlock your potential and give you talents that you never knew you could possess.

The testimonies of a foul-mouthed truant's journey to a billionaire, an academic's "Sacrificial Succession" spiritual principles for mission, and a shy and broken-hearted women's joinery, proves the "Talent Giver," is eager to impart talent to enable those willing to serve His kingdom.

Mission work has never been so accessible; the 21st Century Mission Method is a paradigm shift of the traditional ways of mission, to inspires Christians to do the "Great Commission." Using evangelists from the indigenous churches are the most effective and efficient way of mission in the modern age. It displays the manifold wisdom of God through His Church.

God's call and plan for the church and Christian always align with the last words He spoke to His disciples: "Go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)."


Cindy Liu:

Cindy Liu was born raised in China - a suppressed atheist nation. She migrated to America in 1981 and Australia in 1993. Her Christian faith matured in the west and she earned degrees in Theology and international business and management. She served in mission organization for 10 years, an evangelical shortwave radio broadcaster in Chinese, and scripted and produced a number of short films aimed at Chinese youth through social media. Cindy is passionate in evangelism.