Service Level Agreements By Andrew Hiles, Hon FBCI, EloSCM

Service Level Agreements By Andrew Hiles, Hon FBCI, EloSCM

A Rothstein Publishing Collection

Andrew Hiles, Hon FBCI, EIoSCM


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In an ideal business climate, all your service level agreements would align perfectly with business goals. Your company’s vision, definitions, requirements, and performance measurement would be clear. But in today’s fast-paced, complex world of outsourcing, you could use some help to make that a reality. Look no further! In A Rothstein Publishing Collection: Service Level Agreements, four key books by Andrew Hiles combine to help you achieve effective agreements. Andrew Hiles draws on decades of experience to guide you in achieving service level agreements (SLAs) that are not simply legal documents, but are strategic business-centric tools that can lead to enduring, satisfying, and profitable relationships between customer and supplier. In this four-book package, you will receive a step-by-step guide to designing, negotiating, and implementing SLAs in your organization: Service Level Agreements: Winning a Competitive Edge for Support & Supply Services The Complete Guide to IT Service Level Agreements: Aligning IT Service to Business Needs E-Business Service Level Agreements: Strategies for Service Providers, E-Commerce and Outsourcing Creating a Customer-Focused Help Desk: How to Win and Keep Your Customers These books include checklists, samples, statistics, and real-world case studies that will help you to: • Create clearly written SLAs that are unambiguous, comprehensive, and enforceable. • Balance service costs against quality for business advantage. • Provide the level of service that meets the expectations of customers and keeps them loyal. • Apply quality assurance techniques to the SLA to identify the right quality of service. • Prevent disputes between customers and suppliers. • Avoid catastrophic losses and day-to-day headaches.


Andrew Hiles, Hon FBCI, EIoSCM:
Andrew Hiles, FBCI, EIoSCM, is known internationally as a business continuity (BC) practitioner, trainer, author, and consultant to corporations and governments. As a trainer of new generations of BC leaders, he was among the first to provide truly international training in enterprise risk management, BC, and IT availability management in some 60 countries, as well as successfully pioneer BC training in Africa, the Middle East, China, Pakistan, and India. Hiles has authored, edited, or contributed to 15 books and has written over 250 published articles on BC topics for leading international magazines. He is founding director, first fellow, and Honorary Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). In 2004, he was inducted into the Business Continuity Hall of Fame by CPM Magazine.